Hello! My name is Marília, but my nickname is Marie. I'm a proud brazilian, 20, physiotherapist. I'm obsessed for Lana Parrilla. Evil Regal, Oncer, Harmonizer Lovatic, Somerholic. Calzona is my OTP!!! Meryl Streep makes me cry. Follow me on twitter: @bowloflana.
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All Lana comes with a price.
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Hey ho! My sister is so cute that I had to post this here. xoxo


Throwback to the day we carved “Lex & Lo” into a tree in our secret spot. This girl right here is my best fucking friend. Been there since 6th grade and has never once let me down. She’s that person I can call at 2 in the morning crying, the person I can tell me deepest secrets to with absolutely no judgements passed, the person who has seen me at my worst and accepts me for everything I am. I love you more than anything @alexaferrer and I’m here foreverrr soooo sucks if you don’t like it😝😚 and I hope you have the best 18th birthday ever because you deserve it. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.❤❤❤

That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.

"I’ve seen that letter a hundred times before. In my darkest moments I’d go to it for comfort, for solace, for… a boost when I needed it, because… because I always thought it was about me;


ouat parallels 2x17/3x16