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Can someone send me a link of the screencaps of 4x01 A tale of two sisters? Plsssss

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Brazil rejoice. The Queen is making a trip :)

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Title: There she goes

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Work has been crazy but i needed to do this. OUAT Season 4 Premiere: A summary.

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Anônimo asked Can you tell me the entire story about this thing with YNB's tweets? I read the tweets, but I don't know what prompted them. Thanks.


This is how it all begun:


That girl was only trying to share her opinion and actually start an interesting conversation. YNB just blew it all out of proportion and started blocking people left and right for just asking simple questions.

She even used hashtags like #TheDevil when referring to us:


And just went on about how us worrying about rape culture was nonsense and then JMo retweeted her original reply:


And this is just not okay because now JMo is writing a novel on twitter about how we should all be kind to each other and this is just going to fall all over us when CSers read her tweets. It’s just going to be “Those SQ bitches are at it again, always hating on JMo and always worshiping Lana” all over again.

Like, I love the shit out of JMo and Lana, but I am not about excusing every little thing that they do just because I love them. 

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I’m the one who has to go after her.

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OUaT 'A Tale of Two Sisters' - A Summary. 

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